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Luminometer for Endotoxin Activity Assay


The Endotoxin Activity Assay (EAA™) from Spectral Medical  is the only commercially available test to measure endotoxin activity in whole blood that is cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), licensed by Health Canada in 2003, and CE marked.

Until the EAA™, there has been no reliable method to measure endotoxin accurately in the bloodstream. It is an semi-quantitative test in the measurement of endotoxin activity (EA) and allows for rapid measurements whereby results can be obtained in approximately 30 minutes.

Choose the Luminometer with extended features for Endotoxin Activity Assay (EAA)


toxyphoTM is a CE certified, low power, compact, AndroidTM based single tube Luminometer designed to make the EAA analysis affordable and the easy to use design, makes the product technician friendly.





The key features of toxypho™ are :

  • User Friendly: It is a small, user-friendly instrument that provides step by step instructions to help technician perform error proof EAATM analysis and measurements.
  • High Sensitivity: For the best possible sensitivity the device is integrated with advanced photon counting electronics and a highly sensitive detector, the detector is located under the sample chamber in very close proximity to the sample.
  • High Definition User Experience: Operating device with Rich UI, Android™ app based user experience.
  • Print and email reports: EAATM Test Results of each sample is maintained in a report in .xls format, these reports can be printed on inbuilt thermal printer or email the report to any registered email ID over WiFi.
  • Error status: Progress and error states are displayed over high resolution display on Android UI. 
  • Certification: Greyfalcon Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is an UKAS EU ISO 13485:2016 certified company, toxypho is CE certified, Electronics of toxypho are RoHS compliant.

Technical Specification




: 13” x 9” x 11"


: Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) body to avoid electrical  




: 8 Kgs

User Interface

: 7” Android powered device for User Interface


: Panel mount Thermal printer with 32 characters per line.

Sample Format

: Tube 12 mm in diameter (75 or 55 mm length).

Electrical Data

: Power Supply 110/230 VAC, 50/60Hz


: Current consumption - max 0.5 A



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